Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who takes the career assessment?

Our clients come from many different industries, different age groups, ethnicities, countries, and cultures. Our career assessment was designed to help anyone and everyone find a new, fulfilling career.

Do the prices of the courses include a Career-Step fee?

No. The course price you see on the Career-Step website is what you will pay if you attend that college’s course. There are no extra fees in the prices because finding a new career should not be riddled with fees and extras.

How does the career assessment work?

The career assessment is designed to ask you questions about yourself. These include personality, emotional, and skill assessments. Based on your answer, our algorithm can predict and recommend possible new career paths in various industries that may fit you.

My local college is not on the courses page, why?

We develop partnerships with various colleges and universities around the world. It takes time to develop partnerships and at Career-Step our number one priority is potential students. We need to ensure the products and services that these educational institutions are providing the highest quality products and services that will set their students up for success.

Do I have to take the career assessment to view the courses?

No, you can view our partner schools and their courses by clicking here. It is not mandatory that you take the assessment if you think you know which industry you want to transition into.