The demand for business management courses has increased over the past few years. Finding good business courses at reputable educational institutions that adequately prepare you for the real world can seem like an impossible task. Even if you find a business management program, which courses do you take? Do you need a degree? A diploma? A certificate? The answer is actually simple: it doesn’t matter.

Having some form of business management education can significantly increase your odds of employment when you attended a reputable institution. The question I have for you is this: What do you want to do? Do you want to work in administration? Do you want to work in sales or marketing?

Good business courses is a very broad phrase, and there are so many different routes you can take to get into different positions. We have compiled a list of a few educational institutions where you can take business management related courses. Some of these courses are short; others are longer with varying price ranges.


Certificate Programs

CanScribe Career College

Administrative Assistant / Virtual Assistant Course

This course is geared to allow graduates to enter into mid-level administrative jobs. This course also prepares students for working in an office as an administrative professional and trains students to work from home as a Virtual Assistant. This course gives you an excellent overview of the inner workings of businesses, filing methods, leadership theories, Microsoft training and many other essential tools you will need working in the business world.  This course is also online, so you can learn from home, 24/7 and is the only completely online course we found. Super convenient!

University of British Columbia

Achieving Administrative Excellence

This is a great course for developing and understanding of organizational management. If you are looking for a course to teach you about managing and how to prioritize objectives, this course may be right for you. This course teaches you the theory behind management and how to implement learnings into the real world. You will learn critical thinking and how to solve creative management problems that may arise.

Diploma Programs


Business Administration

This onsite course is an excellent post-secondary course. In this course, you can learn in either part-time or full-time studies. This course allows you to take some of the required courses online or in a classroom. There are small class sizes that allow you to learn from the professors, who are all industry experts. You will learn about business comms, computer basics, accounting, and economics, along with other information. This diploma also allows you to transfer to other colleges and universities, or to stay with SAIT to gain a degree in Business if you decide later.

Okanagan College

Business Administration

This diploma in business management allows you to learn in four different cities of your choice: Salmon Arm, Vernon, Penticton, and Kelowna. You can specialize in accounting, management, marketing and general studies with this diploma. You will gain a broad understanding of business processes and practices throughout this course. Successful completion of this course will ensure you have a strong knowledge of the business world and the skills to continue forward with a new career.

Degree Programs

University of Toronto

Business MBA

The Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto has been consistently ranked the number one business school in Canada. Graduating with a Rotman degree ensures you are well suited for the business world. The admission rate for this school is very high, but the results speak for themselves when this business school is highly ranked on the global market as well.

University of Alberta

Bachelor of Commerce

The University of Alberta is ranked as one of the top three schools in Canada for a business degree. Located in Edmonton, this educational institution gives you the skills you need to enter the workforce. There are numerous opportunities to specialize and take another course that will prepare you for other situations in the workplace. With lower admission requirements than UoT, this degree can be more attainable for those that are looking to get a business degree.